Fran Bow is funded because of YOU!!!!!

Hello amazing!!!!
We can’t believe that we are saying this but WE DID IT!!!!

Right now, to be honest, we are amazingly chocked and we can barely understand that this really happened!

We have already thank you from the very beginning and now feels like just saying thank you is too little!

You made possible a dream!!!!!
We really hope that Fran Bow, when is finished, fills all your expectations and will make you very satisfied!

With our eyes dropping tears, our hearts beating hard and our love to you being more than great, we thank you so much for everything!!!

All the fan-art, all the YouTube videos, all the reviews, specially those who really cared about writing from their perspective, letting know the audience what you felt, to every person that pushed us to do a better campaign… to those young dreamers that saw in this project the honesty and the love that we were sharing…

To everybody that believed in Fran Bow and our abilities.

Thank you forever.

Natalia and Isak


2 thoughts on “Fran Bow is funded because of YOU!!!!!

  1. Isak: It’s very cool that you try not to show your head in a picture. It’s just like in the olden days of video games. It’s much more mysterious that way. Stay classy!

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