Fran Bow is a point and click adventure with a touch of horror. You play as Fran Bow, a little girl with a troubled mind and a story to tell!

Click here to know more about the game

The release is planned 2015, for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac), Mobile and Tablet (iOS and Android). DRM free.

We also made Fran go to Steam Greenlight!
Hopefully we can reach more people and start building a lovely community who wants to be a part of the process!


Who are we?

Killmonday Games is us, Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson! Natalia is making all the art and story (you wouldn’t belive how much of this game actually comes from her life experiences!) and Isak is doing his hardest to code whatever Natalia commands!

73 thoughts on “Home

  1. Looks promising, love the dark and creepy story. The demo’s puzzles were fairly easy (I wouldn’t mind some harder challenges without so many hints). The story reminds me a lot of “Alice: Darkness Returns” (the cat, the madness, the asylum and the dead parents…) and I loved that one. I guess it must have been some source of inspiration to you. Otherwise keep up the good work, must be pretty hard for just the two of you!

  2. Ok, 2 things about this game that makes me want to get this game.

    1: The beginning reminds me of Alice Madness Returns

    2: It an awesome looking Point and Click Adventure, which is the genre I LOVE


  3. dropped $25 down on this thing! Really considering doing a lets play of it if it gets a full release! Here’s hoping!

  4. o think you should change the game in 3d horror adventure based on the unreal or unity engine i think that would be more promising and better

  5. Having trouble with demo :( Can’t draw the horse and castle for the boy with the walking cane. I’ve seen it on youtube and all they did was combine the crayon with the paper and I’ve done that but it keeps saying “I don’t know what to draw right now” I’ve talked to the boy. Please help :(

  6. Hello,
    The game is great. The Art a depressiv dark very captivating and opened
    A world which you can no escape.
    The somber unknown …. the fear is that what unites all the emotions
    And that is provided here to unique show.
    My english is not so good but i hope that i could tell my opinion to this very awesome game. Im waiting for more.

  7. I’m stuck at the start. I have the hair clip, photo, crayon and paper and hook but I’m not sure what to do now. Help!
    I love this game.

  8. This is very good. I like the Psycho World that Fran enters when she takes the pills, and how it is a necessity to completing the game because it reveals hidden messages. I also like that monster guy, the one who trapped Fran in the House of Madness. I like how well Fran takes the Psycho World, reacting normally to it “Hello, Mr. Deer.” (It’s exactly how I would react).
    Just out of curiosity, is Dr. Deern working for the monster guy or is Dr. Deern just an unfortunate innocent caught up in the crossfire?

  9. Hi there. I dont know if you could read this but i really love your job in this game. I would bébé happy tout help you, trying to find others difficulties for player, or testing for you.
    Please email me if you need something.
    Best regards

  10. I can’t WAIT to play Fran Bow. she is kind of like me because I have been to a mental hospital before to be treated for mental brain problems. I wish Fran Bow was real… we would be great friends.

  11. Love it…. and so does six of my friends. Please try and Finnish the gameon behalf of all seven of us along with everyone else

  12. I love your game fran bow the dome kicked ass but when I took the red pills there was this scream that took me out of that crazy world you may want to get rid of tat so people can enjoy and crazy world.

  13. hello I want to tell you I love fran bow it kicks ass its funny scary and so cool but I want to tell you in the demo when fran bow takes the red pulls and go’s to the Psycho World you hare a scream and then you are taken out of it why is that.

    • Hi! Heheh, that’s a cool question! I guess to let people know about this game and appreciate the fact that we are only two people working on this and it would be cool that people actually buy it when it’s out instead of just piracy. :$ But we also understand that not everyone can buy, but spreading the word it’s awesome! ;)

  14. Loved this demo…can’t wait for the full game to come out! :-) I voted for you on Greenlight awhile ago…love that you have the mobile version too….eagerly awaiting the release for PC and Android! :-)

  15. sorry about your families passed away I hope you two are ok hug’s and I have a question for you two have you guy’s thought about making and selling fran bow Wallpaper for the pc you could make money for the game and give some cool fran bow art for people what do you think.

  16. im always look forward to ur works,i truely love this amazing game from last year i have played it. what s confusing me is why can’t get any more news about ur working process in this year.besides,when will be the publishing date? (^_^)

  17. I keep getting mixed signal about when the full game will be here. Can someone help meh? Sorry if I’m missing something. I am very blonde

    • Hi Gabriel! Thank you for reaching us! We haven’t yet said any date. We are working thogh every single day many hours to make Fran Bow, so it’s coming along sweet! In october we will make a video update :) Have fun!

  18. Hello!! My friend told me about the demo and she has a Samsung Galaxy s5, I have an iPhone 6 and searched it in the AppStore and couldn’t seem to find it. When I searched Fran Bow it says no results found. Is it available for IPhone/ other apple devices?

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